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About Us

Hey There! Welcome to My Natural Paradise! Established in 2017 we are trend setters in organic beauty, and health products. We believe nature has natural remedies for everything and our purpose is to harness and optimise the beauty within nature. We specialise in creating high quality organic, non-genetically modified products for skin care so you know exactly what is going on your body.

By joining the My Natural Paradise family, you get to enjoy the healing, soothing and amazing benefits of nature on your skin. All our products are packed with potent plant power that has been used for centuries. We source ingredients mainly from Africa and The West Indies, such as our base Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Baobab oil, flaxseed oil and Moringa  just to name a few, whilst using other amazing oils and butters from around the world.


About Us
How It All Started

How It All Started

I grew up in a very beautiful and small country in West Africa called The Gambia. Growing up in Africa nature becomes a part of you. I grew up around all sorts of fruit trees and everything was organic and fresh. We would use shea butters and coconut oils. My uncle instilled a love for nature from childhood and I will forever be grateful for that. He always made us try new fruits and vegetables whilst also teaching us about the benefits of either their seeds, leaves or even bark. He would make different herbal teas and I can honestly say, we hardly ever got sick.

After the birth of my son, I noticed he had some really bad rashes that would itch and took him to the doctors. They said it was eczema. I came home and looked into my Gambian heritage and all I had learnt from my family and the elderly back home, I walked into my kitchen and managed to whip up some homemade creams for my boy. I can honestly say once it was applied, my son slept well and the itching stopped. After about three days, his rashes had completely disappeared. Not long after, My Natural Paradise was born.


Our Promise to You

We care about your skin and what goes on it. Our mission is to make sure we give you the purest, kindest and most authentic, natural and organic ingredients. We promise to tell you the truth about what is in our products. Unlike many products out there, our products contain no harmful ingredients. They are 100% organic and plant based. We use essential oils for fragrance. When you use our products, you can be sure of exactly what goes on your skin. Our products are perfect for nurturing delicate skin including sensitive, reactive or eczema-prone.

You can be rest assured that your skin is in loving hands. Your skin will be left feeling healthier and softer, whilst also enjoying the invisible scents of Mother Nature’s heavenly scents.

Please visit our products page for details of our suite of products available for delivery. We also offer customised packages for special events such as weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays and corporate functions.

Our mission statement is to invest in people and respect nature, in line with our company values of excellence, quality and professionalism.


Our Promise To You

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